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Whether you’re volunteering at an Alternative Break or studying abroad, Davenport University may want to share your story. Because of the distance, DU cannot send a photographer to these opportunities. Here are guidelines to help us help share your story with our audiences, such as faculty, staff, current students, alumni, parents and future students:

Before you go

Before the event, activity or study abroad, send the following information to DU Communications at to give us a heads up:

  • Your name, class standing, campus and hometown
  • The 5 Ws about the event, activity or study abroad
    • Who is going? Who is involved (departments, organizations, etc.)?
    • Where are you going?
    • What will you be doing?
    • When will you leave? When will you return?
    • Why? Everyone’s “why” is different. Maybe you chose to study abroad because of your ancestry. Maybe you chose to volunteer because the cause the cause has a personal meaning to you. Maybe it has a tie to your future career.
  • Your phone number, in case any media might want to talk to you after

During the experience

Photos and video can help us share your experiences with our audiences. Often, cell phone photos can be taken at a high resolution that we can use on the web. We also can use photos taken by a personal DSLR camera.

When capturing photos or video, keep these tips in mind:

  • Take a variety of shots. Try horizontal and vertical photos, as well as both close-up and distanced photos. We can always crop photos in a bit if needed. Selfies are cool for your Instagram, but we prefer to use full photos. Don’t be afraid to ask someone else to take a quick photo.
  • Keep privacy in mind. Photo releases are not needed at public locations or events. However, some places have an expectation of privacy or may not allow photos. If you are at a hospital or elementary school, for example, you likely cannot take photos of other people. In these cases, find a spot with a logo or backdrop that still gives people an idea of where you are.
  • Never wear apparel that represents other universities — we cannot use photos that advertise other schools!
  • Be conscious of lighting. Sunrise and sunset are great times for outdoor photos. Notice if direct sun is casting dark shadows or washing you out. Inside, look for spaces with good lighting.
  • Use #DavenportUniversity in your social media posts to help us find your content.

After the experience

Timeliness is key in communications. As soon as you return, send the full-resolution photos to Be sure to connect your phone to WIFI if you have limited data! You can email the photos or upload the photos to a Google Drive folder to share.

It’s helpful if you can proactively send us a few thoughts about the experience that we can use as quotes. Think about how the experience impacted you or changed your perspective. We also may send you specific questions.

If we think media might be interested, we’ll let you know to make sure you’re available. If media contact you, it’s vital that you return their call/email as quickly as possible. Not all stories are shared with the media. Please let us know if you will not speak to the media. If you’re uncertain, we’re happy to coach you so you know what to expect.